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Setting up a tutor job profile will help tutors be visible to any students and their families who are searching the rockEnroll web app. In order to complete a tutor job profile, tutors are required to register, submit all required documents, and be approved.

Profile Options

You have 2 options for setting up your tutor job profile:

Below are the steps to complete your tutor profile:

  1. Create 1 profile that includes all subjects and levels that you are tutoring. This option is the easiest but may not be seen by as many students.
  2. Create 1 profile for every subject and/or level that you plan on tutoring. This option is more time consuming but will make it easier to find your profile.

Get Listed

  1. Login to your rockEnroll account.
  2. Click your user name or the hamburger button and select “jobs” then select “Post New”. To make it easier, you can click here.
  3. Fill out your “job title”. This should explain what grade level(s) and subject(s) that you are tutoring.
  4. Your job price. This is the hourly amount that you wish to charge. The minimum amount is $25. We recommend charging between $25 and $40 per hour starting out. This amount can be increased as your experience increases. Be sure to select “hour” in the drop down menu.
  5. Select the level that you plan on tutoring in the ‘category’ drop down menu.
  6. Select the subject that you plan on tutoring in the ‘subcategory’ drop down menu.
  7. In the description, you will provide all important information about you and the services that you will offer. Include things such as: education, subjects, and experience. Remember this is your chance to really sell yourself. So, it’s ok to brag about yourself!
  8. Tags. They help you show up in relevant searches. You can use keywords such as subjects and grades.
  9. Click “Buyer Information”.
  10. Instructions to Buyer. In this section you will provide any instructions that you wish to give to the student and their families. It is recommended that you suggest that the student/parent send you a message to discuss a time to meet on the video chat. You could also ask for any relevant information to help you prepare.
  11. Click “Media”.
  12. In this section, no field is mandatory. However, it is recommended to include at least one photo in the “images” section. A video would allow you to add a lot of additional information about you. If you would like to include a video but don’t have a YouTube account, you can send the video to We will upload it to our YouTube channel and then send the link to you.
  13. Click “Extra”.
  14. There is nothing to fill out in this section at this time.
  15. Click “Publish”.

What’s Next?

Once your tutor job profile is complete, we will review it for accuracies and to ensure that it is “searchable”. Once it’s approved, you will receive an approval email and your profile will go live on our web app.

Need help? We are always available via email or through our facebook page.

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November 22, 2018